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Bandar Sunway

Petaling, Malaysia

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Project Facts

Project Area

800 acre

323 hectare


Sunway City Berhad


Subang Jaya,


Rendered Services





Once a tin mining wasteland known as Sungei Way Tin, Bandar Sunway began its transformation in 1986 into an Integrated Resort City

Sunway City a legendary development which has generated international recognition is the thriving 800 acres Sunway Integrated Resort City in Bandar Sunway, an engineering tour-de-force, located a mere 20 minutes from Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur.


Previously known as Sungei Way Tin, the construction of Bandar Sunway began in1986. Over the years, Bandar Sunway has matured into a community that cares to both entertainment and commercial needs, all in single vicinity.

The township stands as an icon for human endeavour, innovation and forwardness, as it was literally resurrected from a derelict mining land. With over 7 million sq. ft. of world class facilities, the Sunway Integrated Resort City attracts an annual visitation of 30 million.

Bandar Sunway today is a thriving self-contained integrated resort city comprising residential houses, apartments and condominiums, commercial centres, educational institutions, medical centre, theme parks, hotels and shopping mall.

The city comprises more than 7,000 residential, commercial and light industrial units. It is the ideal and highly sought after place to live, work, study, play and shop and stands as the only Integrated Resort City in Malaysia with six key components, epitomizing Sunway’s trademark “Resort Living Within A City” concept. It remains today as one of the region’s most preferred tourist destination.

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