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There is a diverse range of opportunities for the creative professionals in APUDG as behind every APUDG project is a team of talented and dedicated professionals that is supported by a technical design team and management team that is of independently minded people.

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A Place to

Build Career

APUDG is committed to integrate diversity in every aspect of our organization, where we promote the culture that celebrates the different characteristics that makes each of our people unique.


This diversity provides creative and innovative solutions for our clients as we strive to continuously enhance and improve the lives of our communities. Our goal is to make the world a better place to live and in doing so, we believe in attracting talented people and to nurture them to become responsible professionals.


Training Scheme

APUDG offers the opportunity for eligible fresh graduates in urban planning and related fields to undergo a Graduate Training Scheme (GTS) in its organization. The GTS is part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to improve human capital and enhance graduate employability.


The GTS will involve the training of unemployed graduates, particularly from low-income families, over a minimum of 6-month period comprising two months of intensive training in the various fields of urban planning and a minimum of 4 months (maximum of 10 months) of industrial attachment with the firm. GTS provides the opportunity for these eligible graduates to secure permanent jobs in its career development.




Each year, APUDG host more than 5 to 10 interns in its organization. These interns are from the various planning and design universities and higher education institutions in Malaysia and South-East Asia.


Internships in APUDG stretch from 1 to 6 months and are part of its commitment to train and assist the development of planning, design and management skills among the future graduates


Join Us

Be a part of our group of planners and other professionals who strive for creative thinking, innovative solutions, and responsive urban design.  We offer a dynamic workplace that brings out the best in our staff, by providing a conducive learning and training environment, maximizing innovation, and collaboration.

Diversity is embedded in our working culture, where we value the collaboration between different practices and professionals, which makes APUDG unique.

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