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Master Planning

Master Planning

& Urban Design

We believe that good master planning & urban design is an outcome of great orchestrated design collaboration. 

The firm offers comprehensive urban planning services to resolve planning challenges by providing creative and innovative ideas and design solutions and by adopting an engaging planning process to respond to local needs and issues. The firm's wide-ranging knowledge and experiences has seen through the successful implementation of globally recognized development that has been benchmarked by many.

Strategic Planning
Development Management



In our continuous effort to create livable communities, the implementation of our master plans becomes a crucial part of the project's life cycle. Thus, our professionals are also qualified to deal with the coordination and management process of the development. The positive interventions that we provide shall be the value design reviews, alternative development strategies, continuous feasibility and financial capacity reviews and the strategic implementation of the development.The team shall collaborate with the required experts to oversee its planning, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation.

Development and project management requires a multi-disciplinary approach and the creation of value chains in its process. APUDG's collaboration model will see us working in partnership with professionals that shall be identified specifically to managed specialized fields.



As our cities and towns evolved to be transformed, a strategic and comprehensive plan is needed to guide its growth and implementation.


In APUDG, Strategic Planning is an important nerve center, where we have been instrumental in leading and preparing key development plans and blueprints for Malaysia. We have a strong pool of experts and a comprehensive data center and professionals with research and development capabilities.

Our integrated approach in strategic planning includes engagement process with local communities and the aspirations and needs of communities along with economic consideration and environmental goals are the key considerations in developing strategic plans.

Strategic planning involves a systemic planning process that takes into account the stakeholders requirements, the city or region's needs and the complexity of issues and challenges that the area faces. The process also allows for the stakeholders to be well-informed of all key findings, key issues and key proposals that will allow for better compliance of the plan and in steering growth in a smart, manageable and sustainable manner. As planners, one of our role is to guide city administrators on implementing the strategies and action plans made to address local issues and challenges.



We believe that success in planning is also measured on how well a plan takes into account community's needs and aspirations for their spaces. Planning with the people is embedded very strongly as part of our design process and plan making. We undertake varied methods of engaging the stakeholders ranging from interviews, brainstorming, focus group discussion, to a large scale public forum and design charette workshops. We have worked with varied groups of communities and stakeholders including the special groups of communities such as the disabled, women, single parents and youth.


Our approach for stakeholders involvement is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each engagement is developed specially for the project with defined public involvement goals, key stakeholders, tools and techniques to optimized the engagement process, clear and defined project milestones and the criteria.

Community Engagement
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