The opportunity to work on the Third National Physical Plan challenged us to formulate national development framework document that are not just visionary with long-term aspirations and targets, but most importantly that is practical, acceptable and implementable at the next level of development plan system by all the state authorities.


Resiliency and liveability form the foundation for physical planning and spatial development for the next twenty years. 

Spatial Management Plans

Spatial Management Plan comprising of three (3) key plans focusing on growth focus, sustainable use of scarce natural assets and resources and planning for resiliency

Spatial Growth
Framework Plan
Management Plan
Natural Disaster Risk Area Management Plan

The Translation of Spatial Management
Plan to State Planning Documents

For the first time, after two (2) National Physical Plans, all physical and spatial planning strategies and policies at the national level are translated for each state, to provide greater clarity in guiding translation to State Structure Plans.

Melaka State Spatial Management Plan
in the NPP-3
Melaka State Structure Plan 2035

Malaysian Urban

Observatory (MUO)

Role of Regional

Planning Committee

MALAYSIA URBAN OBSERVATORY (MUO) is a national data, referral, monitoring and reporting centre that will monitor wellbeing and sustainability level in the social, urban, economic and environmental aspects.

The role of Regional Planning Committee is to ensure the cooperation of all parties in coordinating the related actions and initiatives. 

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