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Labuan Development

Blueprint 2030

Smart & Sustainable Island City

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Smart and Sustainable Island City

Labuan Development Blueprint is a development plan prepared to guide the growth of Federal Territory of Labuan according to its function as provided in the Labuan Corporation Act 2001 (Act 609). The Labuan Development Blueprint helps Labuan Corporation to carry out its functions as the local government and local planning authority. It is a document to leapfrog Labuan from an economy relying heavily on Oil & Gas to a more diversified economic based on tourism and other services, in order to strengthen its role as a competitive regional growth centre in the South China Sea region. It is a holistic and comprehensive plan driven by economic drivers to generate growth and wealth that will benefit the people of Labuan as well as improve infrastructure and the whole economic eco-system.


The blueprint has an overarching vision that provides long-term target and it provides framework for the formulation of strategies and interventions. These strategies and interventions are then carried out through a series of initiatives, projects and programmes. As a Development Plan, the Blueprint interprets the economic and social strategies and interventions into a spatial plan, identifying Focus Development Areas of Flagship Areas based on infrastructure readiness of areas. It also provides a detailed planning for Focus Area Plan and Development Guide Plan. The Blueprint also acts as an investment and marketing plan providing clear projects description and critical success factors to carry out the identified projects and programmes according to suitable timing and phases.

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