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Kuala Berkala

Medan, Indonesia

Project Facts

Project Area

2,500 acre


PT. Propenas

Nusa Dua




Rendered Services





This new township is an urban centre that is moving towards controlled and sustainable patterns of consumption and growth. The new Kuala Bekala should be places where it is easy for residents to adopt sustainable lifestyles

The new development located at Kuala Bekala, in the city of Deli Serdang, North Sumatra is a vision to create a self-sufficient neighbourhood in the midst of crowded areas surrounding the site. The masterplan is built upon the concept of Tropical Urbanism. It is an integration of contemporary design with specific green site planning.

These green spaces help to provide places for warm air to cool, while wide streets are oriented towards the direction of airflow to provide ventilation while reducing solar heat gain for buildings.


Strategic placement of natural and man-made landscape, offer not only scenic view of the place, but help to maintain the synergy between people and its natural surroundings. The inclusion of man-made lakes are not only for aesthetic reason, but also function as flood control for the area that sits on lowland. This man-made lake will certainly increase the site value in terms of function and beauty.

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