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Kota Larkin

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Project Facts

Project Area

225 acre

91 hectare


Kumpulan Prasarana

Rakyat Johor


Johor Bahru,


Rendered Services





To become a model for “Muafakat Johor Enclave” where economic development, social enhancement and environmentral creation are envisioned for the well-being of Bangsa Johor

Located at an existing Industrial Park, Kota Larkin presents itself to a large potential for regeneration at the heart of Johor Bahru. This opportunity was further strengthen by the dynamic changes the city is experiencing in the past few years, making it suitable to review and maximise the site’s potential land value.  The regeneration of Larkin Industrial Park is focused on achieving three goals: Economic Growth, Social Enhancement and Environmental Creation; and visioned to be the model city for Johor Bahru’s future development’s direction.

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