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Makkah Province,

Saudi Arabia

Project Facts

Project Area

581,930 acre

235,499 hectare


Jabal Omar

Development Company


Makkah Province,

Saudi Arabia

Rendered Services





Alfaisaliah will support the diversification of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s economy away from it’s dependence on oil and gas sector

Al-Faisaliah City is the concrete translation of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 for KSA to be a pioneering and successful global model of excellence.  Al-Faisaliah City will showcase the perfect model of an environmentally friendly city and the number one centre for Islamic civilization, culture and intellect. With strategic geographical location at the heart of the Arab and world’s continents,  Al-Faisaliah will be an important strategic point of trade and commerce and an important regional base for successive foreign investments.

Al-Faisaliah is introducing new ecosystems of 5 catalytic development clusters which act as a string ‘String of Pearl’ towards achieving the economic diversification of Saudi Arabia as envisioned in the Vision 2030 document. Al-Faisaliah will also be leading as a new emerging growth centre that create sustainable value for globally competitive Saudi Arabia and its immediate region.


Al-Faisaliah will have a number of development precincts which determine the function, character as well as ambiance of each development zone with the objective of creating a diverse and unique development

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